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About us!

We, Peter & Katarina, are from Sweden and came first time to South Africa year 2000. We directly fell in love in the country and kept coming both in business and holiday to this magic country. We started to think about moving to SA ”later on”, but you can´t wait forever ….

One day we felt it was time and lots around us were maybe surprised because it was not just a dream – it was time to live the dream! Year 2006 we bought our first guesthouse – The Beautiful South – and year 2007 we moved to South Africa.


We started Cape Scandinavia already year 2006. From the beginning it was mostly focused on accommodation because we bought The Beautiful South Guesthouse in Stellenbosch. And after a short while we also started The Beautiful West Guesthouse in Somerset West. Luckily we had lots of guests asking for more travelpackages for visiting more of the lovely country than just Stellenbosch and Somerset West. And due to the nice demand we early added the travel incoming part into the company. During these years we have had lots of happy guests both at the Guesthouses and travelling around with our appreciated self drive packages.

We are easy going, happy people and during these almost 10 years we have met more than 27.000 guests from 89 different countries, all of them lovely guests – what a beautiful time! We are blessed!!!

Time to move on ………

Yes, we have now sold our baby – The Beautiful South Guesthouse! But of course we have decided to stay in South Africa! We are entrepreneurs and this is the place to be - every day is full of opportunities! We are also the kind of people who enjoy life and think that lifestyle and the quality of life is the most important things to care about. We prefer to live ”now” and we don´t worry too much about "later on" or things that already happened and South Africa is the perfect country for this kind of lifestyle! We enjoy life and are really lovers of nature, activities, sports, food and wine – everything that South Africa offers you!!

Now we are on our next chapter in South Africa! We are working with what we really enjoy; Lifestyle South Africa! Showing and sharing the soul of South Africa! We create tours and travels for small groups and individuals. Since we nowadays are educated tour guides we looking forward guiding you. And in between we will never forget to enjoy the beautiful nature, people, food & wine!



Lifestyle South Africa! Welcome to join us!


Katarina & Peter Stigsson



South Africa
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