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Enjoy life! Explore the magic of South Africa! And doing that is not just about ticking your bucket list. It is about taking your time, do it, feel it and enjoy it! Try to see more than just a destination – use your imagination!

Enjoy the atmosphere, the people, the nature and the culture together with friends and family around a nice lunch table in the Winelands, with views better than photos ever can show, and quality of food and drinks for almost nothing. Or why not enjoy a beautiful day on a bike in the Winelands or in a Nature Reserve. We have seen many happy faces afterwards. No need at all to ask; Did you enjoy it?!


When we are creating travels & tours for you in South Africa, we always care about giving you an idea about the differences we deal with in this country. The challenges we have in South Africa for the future. But we also try to give you an understanding about priorities and the historical background of it. We try to point out differences between the European kind of lifestyle compared to South African lifestyle. We want you to learn and understand the culture and the people of South Africa. And during the time Enjoy it! 


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